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  • What is mobgidi lottery?
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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Mobgidi lottery?

    Mobgidi lottery is a subscription and on­demand based lottery service that will allow customers play a variety of lottery games. Mobgidi lottery games include but not limited to Lucky Digits, Nine Doors, Lucky Cards, Trivia game and much more. Customers will be required to access the games via SMS, USSD, IVR, WEB and APP version. Mobgidi lottery service gives customers the opportunity to win a variety of prizes which includes but not limited to cash prizes, airtime and data bundle.

  • How do i get started?

    In order to have full access to Mobgidi and its benefits, Player needs to set up an account. To setup an account, kindly visit­up or simply click on “Sign Up” button on the top right hand corner of the website homepage. Fill in accurate details of your personal and other information displayed on the registration form which includes a reachable Mobile phone number, Username, Password etc. A verification code will be sent to your mobile number. Upon receipt of this code, kindly enter it into the field to complete your account verification. After verification, you are now live on Mobgidi and can access its benefits.

  • What is lucky D?

    Lucky D is suite of lucky digits games. Lucky D comprises of three games types – Lucky 3, Lucky 5, Lucky 7. A Player can select 3, 5 or 7 digits from Zero (0) to Nine (9) respectively to guess the winning number drawn every day. A game draw is done every day to reveal the 3­digits, 5­digits or 7digits winning numbers

  • Playing lucky seven via SMS?

    Player must subscribe to Free, Daily, Weekly, VIP or On­Demand plan using the keywords below in order to play Lucky 7 game. Details shown in the table below.

    Plan How to Suscribe via SMS Service costs No. of tickets issued Choice of numbers
    Free Player must text the keyword FREE to shortcode 6621 from a mobile phone. Free 1 ticket per lifetime Lottery System chooses 7 digits number for Player
    Daily Player must text the keyword 7D to shortcode 6621 from a mobile phone. N30 per Day 1 ticket per day Lottery System chooses 7 digits number for Player
    Weekly Player must text the keyword 7DW to shortcode 6621 from a mobile phone. N50 per Day 1 ticket per week Lottery System chooses 7 digits number for Player
    VIP Player must text the keyword 7DV to shortcode 6621 from a mobile phone. Free 1 ticket per day Lottery System chooses 7 digits number for Player
    • For On Demand plan, Players can play multiple times to increases chances of winning.
    • For On Demand plan, Player must select and text a 7-digit number which contains digits from 0 to 9 not separated by space to the short code. E.g. 1234567 to 6621.
    • For other plans, 7 digits from 0 to 9 are played on behalf of the subscriber by the lottery system and notify him/her via SMS.
    • Player can subscribe to multiple plans to increase chances and size of winnings.
    • Players can only text a preferred 7-digit number in the On Demand plan. Digits can be repeated within a selected 7-digit number e.g.3455799, 0099774. Digits within a selected 7-digit number to be played can be arranged based on any preference and in any order
    • After play, this selected number by the Player cannot be changed.
    • During the draw, a 7-digit number will be selected as the draw number. Player will be notified of this draw number after every draw

    Players can also play Lucky 7 game via the web with a smoother experience and with debit card as a payment option. Below are the steps

    • User visit
    • User clicks / taps on Lucky 7 game.
    • User must accept T&Cs to proceed.
    • User selects his Lucky 7 digits
    • User selects the number of tickets.
    • User pays with airtime or debit card for the tickets.
    • User is notified with an SMS of the played numbers and draw time.
  • Draw times for lucky 7

    Draws Plan Sales Time Cut-off Time Draw
    N30 Price Point Draw Daily Previous Day’s 6.00pm (GMT+1) to Current Day’s 5.59pm (GMT+1) 6.00pm (GMT+1) 7.00pm (GMT+1)
    N50 Price Point Draw Weekly Subscription/Renewal Date & Time to Sunday 5.59pm (GMT+1) Sunday, 6.00pm (GMT+1) Sunday, 7.00pm (GMT+1)
    N100 Price Point Draw VIP and On Demand Previous Day’s 6.00pm (GMT+1) to Current Day’s 5.59pm (GMT+1) 6.00pm (GMT+1) 7.00pm (GMT+1)

    At the above time slot in the last column, the lottery system draws a 7 digit number. The system select players with winnings based on the matching criteria explained below. Players are notified of the drawn number and their winning status.