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    About Us

Mobgidi is a first of its kind 360 degree engagement portal, offering its ever growing user base highly engaging activities that rewards them with exciting prizes for tasks completed on these activities.

Through its unique marketing automation technique, Mobgidi provides the perfect avenue for brands and businesses to engage with and reach their target audience - the fashionable, tech savvy and upwardly mobile Nigerian youth who is up to date with the latest trends across different facets of the society.

Mobgidi intelligently serves as the following

An AD Serving Platform – Mobgidi creates a unique opportunity for brands to serve their consumers innovative ads positioned as exciting activities.

A Gamification Engine – Mobgidi provides the avenue for users to participate in brand activities using games and rewards.

A Digital Loyalty Program - Mobgidi consumers interact and engage with the brands through different activities which are incentivized.

An Engagement Platform - A virtual world based on real world scenarios to create an all engaging system to drive awareness, uptake, usage and loyalty to brands and products.

Mobgidi Currency

Gidicoin (GC) is the virtual currency for Mobgidi. Users are rewarded with Gidicoins for carrying out incentivized activities, engaging brands. This currency system considerably impacts the retention of consumers and increases the time spent on the portal.
Mobgidi earnings can be used to purchase exciting merchandises on the in app store.


With an accessible base of over 22 million people, Mobgidi community is made up of upwardly mobile users who understand latest trends across different facets of the society.
Users are profiled based on their behaviors and activity engagement within the community. With over 300,000 profiled interactions and growing, activities are tailored to each user based on specific interests studied over time.


Activities is at the heart of Mobgidi. It’s one sure way to keep users engaged not with the busy endeavor but carefully positioned and designed as a fun way to relax. Mobgidi houses a lot of brand revolving games, activities, exercises, polls, creative ideas for brand marketing & promotion, personal development, self-motivation, challenges, ice-breakers, competitions and lottery.


Earnings is a strong value offering to Mobgidi users.
As a technology platform with the ability to reward users for actions done at their comfort gives this product a great potential. Mobgidi is one real way to make good money online.


Mobgidi store is a one of a kind ecommerce store that accepts only its virtual currency with great deals for everything. It has a huge collection of electronics, computers, wearable’s, fashion pieces, books, accessories, groceries. It is great way to spend your earnings with a simple shopping process.

Loyalty Rewards

Customer loyalty programs operate based on the well-founded notion that it is less expensive to keep a current customer than to find a new one. Mobgidi rewards in the form of points, cash back, and discounts on merchandise can help achieve that goal. The use of loyalty rewards — long the purview of retail chains, service companies is now well within the reach of small businesses and it incorporates all aspects of social media marketing.

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